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Info Coin Icon My own web server?!

11/3/2019 *
Once again, I apologize for the infrequent updates; it's just I've been working on a new website, on my own webserver! It'll be way more advanced, and will also include the FairPlay137 Error Central, an error message generator and sharing platform! I'll link to the new website once its homepage is finished! No, this website won't be discontinued; it'll just be kept up as a basic blog.

Info Coin Icon A little update

I apologize for the lack of activity on this website. (Over a year since my last update!) I've just been REALLY busy with other things. Namely, I'm getting ready to go to college. Since this page had my old name on it, I figured I'd update it. I had to remember how I needed to format these correctly! However, don't expect frequent updates for a while.

Binary Icon News Feed icons!

I've added new icons to the news feed! Now this page has 50% more GIF in it!

Binary Icon Upcoming feature: Feature detection

Ever since I put CSS animation in this page; I wanted to put a little warning for unsupported browsers. Yeah, I have old IE version detection in the HTML of this page, but I don't feel like that's good enough. I'll be trying to implement a feature detector within a few days.
UPDATE: I got sidetracked by other stuff, so it might be a while before actual detection is added.

Info Coin Icon Let's kick off 2017.

Let's see...what should I put here... Umm...I got nothing. Once I get around to learning how to HTML, CSS and JS, I'll be putting more and more stuff here.

Info Coin Icon It works!

I've concluded that my webpage layout works well enough for my liking! I know, it looks something you'd see on Internet Explorer in the early 2000's, but hey, at least it's a start, right? Depending on if I can even Javascript, I might put some JS magic in here.

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